Stowbox container being delivered in driveway

Moving to a new home?

Ditch the Moving Truck Mayhem: Streamline Your Move with Portable Storage! Say goodbye to cramped cabs, back-breaking loading, and stressful timelines. Embrace a simpler, smoother move with Stowbox's secure, convenient portable storage containers.

Secure Storage

Your belongings when you're ready.

  • Effortless Packing: Take your time! Load your container at your own pace, no pressure to rush.
  • Stress-Free Moving: We handle the heavy lifting (literally!). We deliver, pick up, and transport your container for you.
  • Flexible Storage: Need temporary storage before your new home is ready? We've got you covered. Keep your container on-site or store it securely off-site.
  • Peace of Mind Protection: Your belongings are safe and sound in our weatherproof, steel-framed containers. No bumps, spills, or worries!
  • Budget-Friendly Solution: Save money compared to traditional moving trucks and services. Choose the perfect type container for your needs.
  • Stored Content Insurance: Solutions available for added protection and peace of mind.
Stowbox container being delivered